County Appraiser's Office

The primary purpose of the County Appraiser's Office is to discover, list, appraise and maintain the records and data relating to all real and personal property within Miami County.  The County Appraiser’s Office staff value all property as of January 1st each year.

The property data and values produced by the Appraiser's Office are used in a variety of ways. The primary purpose of the County's appraised values and resulting assessed values is to be used as a basis to set the property tax mill levees of the various taxing entities in Miami County each year. Other users of Appraiser's Office data include property owners, realtors, fee appraisers, insurance companies and banks. 

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For property tax questions please contact the Treasurer's Office.

Public Notice

Considering the current COVID-19 Pandemic we request that communication be done by email or phone if possible.

Be Informed:  If you’re thinking about buying a property or making improvement to a property, such as remodeling or new construction, and would like an estimate of value, give the Appraiser’s office a call.  We’re always available to help explain and/or estimate potential changes in value.

Legal Notice

2020 Miami County Real Estate Market Analysis Pursuant to K.S.A. 79-1460a

This market analysis is intended to satisfy the requirements of K.S.A. 79-1460a. It is not intended to be a complete narrative of market trends for individual properties in Miami County, nor is it intended to describe the market trends for individual market areas within Miami County. Neither is this an appraisal or market analysis that purports to comply with the uniform standards of professional appraisal practice. Rather, it is intended to give a broad countywide overview of real property market trends.

A study of the residential real estate market indicated that there is an overall average annual inflationary increase of approximately 4.67% countywide.

A study of the overall countywide commercial real estate market indicated that the market is mainly stable with no general upward or downward trend.

A study of the real estate market for vacant land indicated that there is an average overall inflationary trend of 1.90% per year countywide.

The information listed above represents countywide averages and is not intended to be a direct indicator of any particular property’s value. Individual property values may change by more or less than the indicated trends due to differences in location, property characteristics, available market data, data comparability and market participant’s preferences.

For property tax questions please contact the Treasurer's Office.