Miami County EMS is a great place to work! Our staff works with state-of-the-art equipment and progressive, evidence-based treatment protocols. Our rural environment and longer transport time means that our crews will spend more time with the patient. We must be able to anticipate trends, apply critical thinking skills, and make good decisions to make the best use of available resources to help ensure the best possible patient outcome.


There is a good relationship between staff and management and great support from our Medical Director for the success of the operation and the mission of the organization. We are patient advocates and make every effort to “do the right thing for the right reason.” 


The atmosphere at the stations is relaxed. Everyone works together to make it a positive and supportive work environment. Management is committed to helping every employee reach their full potential and advance their careers through educational opportunities and tuition reimbursement programs. 

Training Programs

The department offers engaging and rewarding training programs. There are many opportunities for continuing education and career advancement. 


The paramedics and EMTs at Miami County EMS currently work the 48/96 shift schedule. That means they work a 48 hour shift, followed by 96 hours (or 4 days) off. This was an idea brought to management by staff as a way for employees to have more time at home with their families and save money by commuting less.
A 48 hour shift can be long. After training and station duties are completed, crews are allowed to relax or rest between calls so they are alert and prepared to respond to any emergency.


Technicians are allowed to go to local restaurants or they may bring their own food and prepare meals at the station. There are some amazing chefs on staff who like to practice their culinary skills at the department. Both stations are equipped with full service kitchens. 

EMS Academy

All newly hired Miami County EMS employees are required to complete an EMS Academy. The academy is typically five days long and is conducted Monday through Friday from 0800 to 1700 hours. During the academy, the new employee is introduced to all of the Miami County EMS policies, procedures, protocols, and equipment. The academy is conducted in a classroom setting with presentations and practical skills labs by the department’s field training officers and instructors. 

Field Orientation

After completion of the academy, each new employee will complete field orientation under the direct supervision of a Lieutenant or a Field Training Officer. The amount of time the new employee spends in orientation is dependent on how comfortable the employee is with all the department policies and procedures.

The Field Training Officer will provide guidance and monitor performance and complete compliance monitoring paperwork to ensure each new employee has an understanding of our expectations and the established standard of care. Once the academy and orientation is completed, the employee is released to independent duty.


Download an employment application and view the current employment opportunities that are available.