Planning & Zoning

The next meeting of the Planning Commission will be Tuesday, November 10th, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. in the Commission Chambers of the Miami County Administration Building:  201 S. Pearl Street, Paola, KS  66071. 

The planning and development department provides information and services related to land use and development. Services include:
  • Processing applications for subdividing land (preliminary plats, final plats, lot splits, boundary line adjustments and parcel mergers)
  • Processing rezoning applications (changing from one zoning district to another)
  • Processing conditional use permits (requests for specific uses in designated zoning districts where the uses are not permitted by right, but could be allowed under certain conditions)
  • Processing site plans (plans that show the development improvements and uses proposed for a specific property)
  • Processing appeals, exceptions and variances from the requirements outlined in the zoning regulations


The department administers the Comprehensive Plan (a guide for growth and development in Miami County), subdivision regulations (standards and requirements for subdividing land), and zoning regulations (standards and requirements for developing and using land in specific zoning districts).

Boards & Commissions

The department serves as staff liaison for the Miami County Planning Commission and the Miami County Board of Zoning Appeals. The planning commission typically meets on the first Tuesday of each month. The board of zoning appeals meets on the third Wednesday of each month on an as-needed basis.

Obtaining Resources

Information that can be obtained from the planning and development department includes:
  • Zoning and land use designations of specific property or surrounding properties by referencing the zoning and comprehensive plan maps
  • Determining whether a property is located within a floodplain
  • What types of business uses are allowed in specific zoning districts
  • How close buildings or structures may be to property lines (setback requirements)
  • What the minimum lot size is to divide property.
  • How to rezone, subdivide, or develop property


The comprehensive plan, zoning and subdivision regulations, zoning map, applications, and procedures may be amended from time to time. Information obtained from this site should be verified with the planning and development department by calling 913-294-9553.