We are an E-Community!

Miami_Co_EC_LogoWhat is an E-Community?

An E-Community is a partnership between a Kansas community and NetWork Kansas. As part of the partnership, Network Kansas helps communities establish a locally controlled loan fund to supply entrepreneurs with capital and connect them to a network of resources that offer business-building expertise, education and economic resources. at low or no cost to the business owner.

Why apply for an E-Community loan?

Many businesses struggle with funding but this is one of the most important contributors to business success. Through an E-Community local entrepreneurs can apply for funding through the E-Community Program, which matches other business investment with a low interest rate. E-Community loans can be used for startup costs, expansion of an existing business, working capital, inventory and more.
Local business owners and startups can apply for a loan through the E-Community Program. These loans are intended to be paired with loans from financial institutions, personal investment, and financing from NetWork Kansas resource partners (ex. Certified Development Companies, city/county Local Revolving Loan Funds, Main Street programs, etc.) to complete a funding package for your business. 

Loan Guidelines

  • Must be used by a for-profit business
  • Must obtain required matching funds
  • E-Community funding cannot exceed 60% of the total funding package

How do I apply for a loan?

Entrepreneurs interested in applying for funds will work with a local E-Community Leadership Team to connect with startup and developmental business resources, complete an application for funding, and coordinate the other elements of the funding package (bank loans, etc.). Whether an entrepreneur needs help finishing a business plan or filling out a loan application, the E-Community can connect them to the right resources to help. 

What is a E-Community Board Certified Program?

NetWork Kansas Board Certified Programs are designed to generate entrepreneurial activity in a community.  A full list of Network Kansas Board Certified Programs can be found here. An E-Community can receive funds from NetWork Kansas start a program within their community and help cover the cost of an entrepreneur attending the program.