Entrepreneurship Resources

There can be a lot of clutter and an overwhelming amount of resources for an entrepreneur to review. Miami County wants to help reduce the hassle by letting entrepreneurs and small business owners focus on their strengths while being supported by the right resources.

More than 80% of Miami County’s businesses have few than 20 employees. The partners invested in developing Miami County’s creative ecosystem provide assistance in ways that help owners leverage their time and investments.

Starting a new business venture can be an exciting, yet stressful, time. There are so many variables involved in making a business successful that evaluating each step of the process is important.

Steps to Success

Steps to Success is drafted by the Kansas Department of Commerce and provides a detailed list of important factors to consider and resources for your research. We suggest that while doing your homework, you utilize as many resources as possible to gather input on your vision. 

However, do not overlook the need for professional advice. Missing a step early in the process can create future headaches,  while skipping critical steps can lead to failure.

Suggested Steps

All of these resources are also available to existing Miami County businesses.  

Our Partners