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Spotlight on an Innovative Business

The Spotlight on a Innovative Business is a monthly feature focusing on businesses doing extraordinary things during difficult times. The spotlight is presented in collaboration with Miami County Economic Development, Louisburg Chamber or Commerce, Osawatomie Chamber of Commerce, Paola Chamber of Commerce and Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce. Businesses featured in the Innovative Business Spotlight are nominated by their local chamber of commerce with nominations rotating among communities.

  1. Sept. 2020 - Social: Managed.
  2. August 2020 - BlackHawk Apartments
  3. July 2020 - Be Well Spa

Social Managed's founder David AlexanderBefore forming Social: Managed., David Alexander owned a website design firm in Kansas City that was ranked one of the best in Kansas City by Ingram Magazine. His firm had constructed more than 1,000 websites in the Kansas City area before he sold his shares to start a solo venture. That venture became Social: Managed., a full digital agency with a mission to provide customers with a seamless marketing experience across all of their digital assets.

Social: Managed. has been located in Louisburg for over four years. As a Louisburg High School alumni, Alexander wanted to give back to his hometown and bring jobs to the local community, “Many commute into the city and I knew there was a lot of talent I could pull from and keep them here in town. Most of my employees are from Louisburg and Paola.” 

That decision has paid off in 2018 when Social: Managed. was ranked in the Top 100 Social Media Marketing Agencies in the United States by “That was unexpected and a game changer,” Alexander said. “Since then we have grown rapidly and now ranked in to Top 100 in multiple categories. In March we were awarded the 2020 National Excellence Award over 32,000 other agencies. It has been a fun ride, and I can’t wait to see what 2021 has in store for us.”

The company’s growing list of accolades is a sign of the talent behind the scenes. Their video production division has won seven Emmys and 13 Emmy nominations. Alexander noted that their success in attracting top industry professionals is down to commitment. “I could not have the team I have today or the awards we have if I did not reinvest in the company,” he said.

For any entrepreneurs looking to build their own start-up, Alexander has some advice, "Take as little money out of the company as you can to survive for the first two years. Invest in your business and employees. By year three, you will be able to reap the benefits of the structure you have built.” 

His key takeaway is more simple:"Trust in yourself and invest in your dream."

To learn more about the Social: Managed. visit their website at or follow them on Facebook at