Better Equine Ranch

Jana Barcus
Better Equine Ranch
29545 Pleasant Valley Rd, Paola, KS 66071 (913) 333-2657 

Enjoy the therapeutic view of our ranch while interacting with horses, cattle, goats, chickens, turkeys, and livestock dogs. Catch a hay wagon ride to see Blue, his cattle, learn about grass, trees, ponds, livestock handling and feeding. Build a stick horse to “ride” around the ranch as you view vintage farm equipment, gardens, feed goats, hold chickens, pet Snowflake our “unicorn” pony, and ride in a real saddle on our “barrel” horses. The store has fresh eggs, various proteins, baked goods, handcrafted skin products, farm-raised beef and chicken tacos. Watch our craftsmen make handmade BE Saddle Pads!

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On Farm Tour weekend, you can expect: By visiting our ranch, folks enjoy learning about animals, view the cattle, interact with animals while learning about agriculture and livestock. We will have displays of farm equipment. Weather permitting, visitors can jump onto a flatbed trailer hayride for a tour of the farm.