Fee Schedule

Records Access and Preparation Fee Schedule:

Pursuant to K.S.A. 45-219, requesters are responsible for payment of costs incurred by the Sheriff's Office in providing access to or furnishing copies of public records based on the following fee schedule:

Report Copy Cost:

  • Accident Reports are $5.00
  • Sheriff's Reports are $5.00 for the initial report, $0.25 per any supplemental reports.                                       
  • Bond Receipt copies are $5.00
  • Photograph CD's are $40.00
  • Audio CD's are $20.00
  • Booking Room Video's are $20.00
  • In-Car Video's are $25.00

Staff Time:

The requester is responsible for payment of staff time required to search, retrieve, prepare, or reproduce public records.  This may include time spent accessing records maintained on computers or other locations, reviewing records to determine whether they contain information responsive to the request or whether exceptions to disclosure apply, and/or redacting closed information from records.
  • Clerical: $15 per hour
  • Research:  $25 per hour
  • All Other Staff:  Actual hourly rate of compensation

Payment may be made by cash or money order.  Please make money orders payable to the "Miami County Sheriff's Office". Payment of all costs is required prior to receipt of or access to records.